Testing Clinic

Neuropsychological Testing, Psychological Testing & Educational Testing

Dr. Gieseke has been performing psychological evaluations since 1987, however with the increased demand for testing, she started our testing clinic in 2016 to increase our capacity to provide needed evaluations. In our clinic, Dr. Gieseke supervises testing technicians, doctoral interns and testing technician interns. We provide excellent comprehensive neuropsychological, psychological, and educational evaluations. In addition to psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, we also offer Educational Testing for reading, math and written language.

** Please note that Educational Testing for reading, math and written language is not covered by any health insurances, as it is not deemed medically necessary by insurance companies. Please see fees listed below. **

Requirements Prior to Making an Appointment

Please obtain the following:

  1. Referral – can be from a Primary Care Provider (PCP), Educator, or Therapist
  2. Insurance Information (usually on PCP referral)
  3. Client Name, Date of Birth and Contact Information (usually on PCP referral)

Below is the referral form if your PCP, school official or mental health professional have any questions:

Wait List & General Process:

The Testing Clinic currently has a 4 to 6 month wait list due to high demand.

  1. Once we receive the client’s referral, we will be in contact within 8 weeks to make your client portal account & send you the appropriate paperwork to submit virtually.
  2. Once the paperwork is submitted through the client portal, we are able to schedule the client’s INTAKE appointment(s).
  3. All intake appointments are virtual/video and about 1 hour in length. Dr.Gieseke will send the video link to your provided email about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled appointment.
  4. Dr.Gieseke or the Testing Clinic Coordinator will schedule the IN OFFICE testing sessions during or directly after the intake appointment. Please have your general availability ready, as these in office testing sessions are scheduled in the coming weeks after your intake(s).
  5. Feedback appointments are scheduled by the Testing Technicians once testing is completed. These appointments are also a virtual/video chat.
  6. The final report will be completed within 3 weeks of the feedback appointment. This final report is a lengthy document that is sent to the client via the client portal, as well as to anyone the client signed a Release of Information (ROI) for (PCP, school, therapist, etc.) Please let us know ahead of time if you would like us to send the final report to another provider, as we need permission due to HIPAA guidelines.

What to Expect

Testing Procedures for Child/Minor Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing:

  1. Intake Appointment with Parents Only. (VIDEO CHAT) Please DO NOT bring your child to this first appointment
  2. Intake Appointment with Child (per parent/guardian discretion: VIDEO CHAT if 12+ years old, IN-PERSON if under 12 years old)
  3. Minimum of 2 IN OFFICE testing sessions (length varies with age – approx. about 2 hours each session)
  4. Completion of parent rating scales and teacher scales (when applicable)
  5. Feedback Session (VIDEO CHAT)
  6. Thorough Written report to follow – sent to client portal and to referring provider with signed ROI.

Testing Procedures for Adult Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing:

  1. Intake Appointment with Adult (VIDEO CHAT)
  2. Minimum of 2 IN OFFICE testing sessions (length varies by referral question – approx. 2 hours each session)
  3. Completion of adult rating scales
  4. Feedback Session (VIDEO CHAT)
  5. Thorough Written Report to follow – sent to your client portal and to referring provider with signed ROI.

***Dr. Gieseke continues to perform most of the testing intake appointments, as well as child intake appointments. The patient will see a trained technician for the testing. All technicians collaborate extensively with Dr. Gieseke, and also attend the feedback appointment for a thorough analysis of the patient.

Billing Information:

Please contact the office for information on fees and billing for neuropsychological and psychological testing. **We charge a testing material fee per evaluation to cover the costs of the specific assessments we provide. This is separate from the billed amount to third-party payers. This amount is usually under $100 (average $65) and is the client’s responsibility.

We will work with your insurance company to determine any out of pocket costs and covered benefits. It is encouraged to check these benefits before sending a referral or scheduling an appointment. You can tell the representative that you are looking for “Mental Health Outpatient” benefits, specifically “Neuropsychological & Psychological Testing.” Using these terms can ensure you are gaining the correct benefit information.

Educational Testing:

We offer comprehensive individual evaluations for reading, writing and math which are not covered by insurance.

Reading Evaluation: $750 Includes assessment of word recognition, phonological processing, reading comprehension, and reading fluency with 30 minute feedback appointment and written report with recommendations.

Mathematics Evaluation: $500 Includes assessment of math concepts, math computation, and math fluency with 30 minute feedback and written report with recommendations.

Written Language Evaluation: $500 Includes assessment of mechanics of writing, spelling, and contextual writing/composition with 30 minute feedback and written report with recommendations.

If you are looking for all 3 of the above areas, the total is $1500 ($150 discount is applied if you want the “full battery”)